Pauma Tribal Farms

On the drive to Pauma Valley, it’s wise to slow down on Cole Grade Road. Not just because there are two hairpin turns as the road drops eight percent, but because a perfect, panoramic view appears for only an instant at the top of the first bend: blue sky,...

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Fish Becomes Seafood Because of Fishermen

The need for strong local food systems became crystal clear during the COVID-19 pandemic when household food shortages flourished while abundances of food rotted at ports and warehouses because pandemic-related shutdowns had halted distribution. We need reliable...

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Land is not a commodity. It is our collective responsibility.

I was born in San Diego and raised by the Vietnamese refugee community here. As displaced peoples making a new home on foreign soil, I was taught to cultivate healthy grounds, grow cultural foods, and share our harvest. Respect for farmers and valuing fresh food are...


Two women standing on a farm with some hills on the background

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A man standing on a strawberry farm and holding a box of strawberries