Looking Ahead

San Diego County Food Vision 2030 seeds hope. Hope for a better future that honors our ancestors and nourishes future generations. For this seed to grow and bear fruit, we need to tend to the earth and each other.

Working together, we need to set benchmarks, and hold one another accountable. We need to cultivate stronger relationships across communities and foster deeper collaboration with nonprofits, businesses, institutions, policymakers, and funders. We need to build stronger alliances and coalitions that activate communities and transform policies. And we need to foster public-private partnerships that invest in our local food economy and leverage significant philanthropic dollars annually to support the food system in San Diego County.

The work of bringing Food Vision 2030 to life will not be easy, but we know that anything short of achieving our common vision will be insufficient. Stepping away from what is familiar, we need to forge a new path: one that is uncompromising, yields different outcomes, and centers racial justice and equity. This will require a deep commitment to individual and collective growth.

The San Diego Food System Alliance is committed to stewarding Food Vision 2030 and growing the movement that is already underway in our region. In the coming months, we will establish a Food Vision 2030 Stewardship Committee to help hold us accountable to essential workers and marginalized communities. We will also create opportunities for people to join the movement. Finally, we will host Annual Gatherings—the first of which will be in October 2021—to provide a space for us all to come together and nurture the seeds of Food Vision 2030.

Above all, we need you. Where we find ourselves and our food system ten years from now depends on whether we can recognize our interdependence and choose to act upon it, today. The future is not fixed. While it may seem as though we are hurtling down an irreversible path, we could just as certainly be rising steadily toward change. The difference lies in each of our own decisions to choose healing, to choose hope, and to act together.

We ask that you join us. Together, we are well on our way to creating a food system that belongs to us all.