Coastal Roots Farm

Since 2014, Coastal Roots Farm has been on a mission to cultivate healthy, connected communities through sustainable agriculture, food justice, and ancient Jewish wisdom. “We practice organic farming, share our harvest with those who lack access, deliver unique farm-based educational programs, and foster inclusive spaces for people of all backgrounds to come together to connect, learn, and celebrate in ways that catalyze a healthier, more vibrant community and a more sustainable environmental future for our region,” said Kesha Dorsey Spoor, Coastal Roots Farm’s Director of Philanthropy, Program Strategy, and Communication. 

These goals are met through a pay-what-you-can Farm Stand and educational programs and events, including a popular Farm Camp offered seasonally in the fall, spring, and summer that gets kids in the garden planting, harvesting, cooking, and eating. “Youth have the opportunity to get outdoors and become environmental scientists for the day, learning where their food comes from, why it matters, and how they can improve the world,” explained Kesha. In the midst of COVID-19, Coastal Roots Farm decided to expand the program to include After-School Farm Camp, which has the added benefit of providing stability for families in need of affordable childcare. “I can’t imagine a better program for young kids,” one parent commented. “The way they are able to teach them to be good citizens and build character in a fun and engaging way is remarkable.”

In addition to providing affordable childcare and teaching the next generation about sustainable farming, Coastal Roots Farm is addressing the needs of local food insecure individuals right now, and are increasingly serving BIPOC communities, including Indigenous and Latinx/Hispanic families. The farm also serves military/veteran families, many of whom identify as BIPOC.

“We are honored to donate more than half of our organically-grown harvest to community members in need and will continue to feed as many individuals as we can,” Kesha explained. “We believe that local food systems that value sustainability and justice reduce inequities. Central to our mission are the principles that we must care for the world we live in and that all individuals deserve dignified access to nutrient-dense food to nourish their bodies, equitable education that engages and inspires, and inclusive and fulfilling opportunities to engage with food, the land, and the community.” 

Coastal Roots Farm aims to continue to expand access to food and support the development of healthier communities in years to come. “We believe the opportunity to grow our educational programming for youth and adults is exponential,” said Kesha. “Through it, we hope to continue educating and inspiring others to take actions that will sustain the food system we so deeply rely on and to share our appreciation for the natural world.”

Kesha Dorsey Spoor is the Director of Philanthropy, Program Strategy, and Communications at Coastal Roots Farm. Kesha supports the Farm’s development and donor stewardship, leading the Farm’s communication strategy, and overseeing all programs and education initiatives. With over a decade in nonprofit work, Kesha is committed to elevating equity and sustinabilty.

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